Arrange Burial

To begin burial arrangements follow the 6 easy steps below:

1. Use the button below for the required forms

Get Forms

2. Answer the series of questions about the Decedent.

There may be information you do not know.
Use the word “Unknown” in those particular fields.

3. Print the completed required forms.

(The form will not save to your computer)

4. Review the forms to ensure the information is correct.

You may write on these forms with any corrections.

5. Sign, Initial, and Date forms where indicated.

6. FAX the completed paperwork, along with required documents to:

(855) 223-0333 or scan and email all forms and documents to

Once we receive the completed forms, we will proceed with the arrangements. Depending on the doctor or coroner signing the death certificate, and the crematory schedule, we will contact you once the cremated remains are ready.