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  • Prices and Fees

    Witness Cremation Service
    $ 200.00
    (Must be scheduled prior to time)

    Use of Equipment and Staff
    for Graveside Ceremony
    $ 275.00

    Cremains Scattering at Sea
    off of the Coast of
    Orange County
    $ 75.00
    (Unaccompanied by Family)

    Witness Scattering at Sea
    Can be Arranged
    (Price Varies According to Need)

    Delivery of Cremated Remains 
    to a Home or Cemetery
    $ 125.00
    (Within Local Service Area)

    Identification/Cot Viewing 
    of Un-Embalmed Remains
    $ 150.00
    (30 Minutes Maximum)

    Direct Cremation


    • Removal from place of death (Removal covers all Orange County Cities)
    • Filing of Death Certificate
    • State Fee
    • Cremation Process
    • Cremation Container
    • County Permit Fee
    • Standard Urn
    • Non-witness scattering (if chosen)

    Total and Complete Fee

    A temporary plastic container is included.
    Cremation fees and DCA fee is included. A selection of urns is available for you to choose from. We will obtain death certificates at the County Health Department on your behalf.Cremated remains must be released in a durable container.

    Please call us
    with any questions

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